Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens



The Army JROTC Program was formed at NW Rankin High School in 1987.  Since it's inception it has maintained it's status as an Honor Unit with Distinction.



Is There a Military Service Obligation?

No, but if a career in the military interests you, we will help guide you through the process.  Taking 2 or more years of JROTC may allow you to enter the military at a higher rank.

Is there a Fee for Joining JROTC?

No, however you will be required to purchase an $20 polo shirt.  Certain events such as the Military Ball and Field Trip do have a fee if you choose to attending either.

How Often do you Wear the Uniform?

You wear the uniform every Wednesday that you meet JROTC, and any other special events.

Do I Have to Pay for the Uniform?

No.  You are issued a clean uniform, but you are responsible for getting it cleaned and for it be presentable on uniform days.

Can I be in JROTC and Also in Other Organizations/Sports?

Yes, most definitely.  We have cadets on Football, Basketball, Cross County, Track, Soccer, Band and Choirs.

What is Expected?

You are expected to meet the standards, try your best at every task and keeping a good attitude.